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Chef Melissa does all of the work to prepare your menu and plan your special event.


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Meet Melissa Peirce

Chef Melissa brings 30 years of experience to the world of culinary art and hospitality. Classically trained at the Culinary School of Kendall College Chicago, Melissa can certainly run with flashy upscale dining yet she and her family chose the ebb and flow of Maryland’s Eastern shore nights, delicious wine and honored guests surrounding personally crafted tables. Chef Melissa will elevate your family event, girl’s weekend or corporate affair to a memorable experience through fine dining, craft cocktails and activity planning with her expertise and local connections.

Private chef

Perfect for the on-the-go individual or busy family, Chef Melissa can take the stress out of preparing meals and brings expertly crafted cuisine to the comfort of your home.

Concierge Service

Let Chef Melissa help you create lasting memories by planning an all-inclusive eastern shore immersion. 

Event Catering

From dinner parties and brunches to corporate events and celebrations, Chef Melissa will work closely with you to create the perfect menu to suit your needs and dietary requirements.

Cooking from the heart and nourishing one soul at a time

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